Cheryl Burke apologizes to Ian Ziering for ‘frightful’ ‘Hitting the dance floor with the Stars’ remarks

“It frequents me right up ’til the present time,” she said about the comments.

Cheryl Burke needs to eliminate any confusion with Ian Ziering.

“The one thing I genuinely lament and need to offer peace with is Ian Ziering,” she told co-have AJ McLean on their “Dress Messed Up” webcast a weekend ago.

I was totally off the mark a couple of years prior, and I did a web recording where they were asking me who my number one accomplice was and who did I disdain the most. What’s more, I addressed Ian Ziering. What’s more, I said something as per, ‘I’d prefer cut my wrists than hit the dance floor with Ian Ziering once more.’ I would say there’s no reason, regardless of on the off chance that it was a joke or not.”

The pair completed in the fourth spot on “Hitting the dance floor with the Stars” during the show’s fourth season, the third time Burke showed up on it. She offered her remarks about Ziering on a scene of the “Purportedly” web recording in 2016.

“I realize it hurt him and I realize it hurt him and his family and it was serious,” she said.

Individuals actually keep on asking me a similar inquiry, such as needing me to answer it a similar way. Also, I’m here to say sorry. I genuinely am so upset for being so discourteous and simply talking, attempting to, essentially, get a response and putting him as my punching sack, truly.”

Burke, a day and a half, it’s now hard enough for somebody to contend on the show without her making it more troublesome.

By the day’s end, when somebody does ‘Hitting the dance floor with the Stars,’ particularly a superstar, they are now going on the show being helpless and in light of the fact that perhaps I don’t really, we don’t get along two or three days, I just took it to that next degree of terribleness and I was so frightful,” she said. “What’s more, I’m here to openly apologize to Ian and his family.”

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