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DWTS’s Cheryl Burke reveals her husband Matthew Lawrence was her first partner who wasn’t “abusive”

The couple started dating in 2007 and got married in 2019

After getting married to actor Matthew Lawrence,  Dancing With the Stars pro Cheryl Burke took a walk down memory lane on how she wound up with her husband, and it was a long, tough journey.

The 36-year-old dancer shared her story through a powerful video on YouTube on Friday, December 11, which was titled, “My Experience with Abusive Relationships.” Read on to find out her experiences.

Bad boys and self respect


She started by talking about the time she graduated and started her career as a professional dancer, and said that she was still into bad-boy relationships, and continually dated abusive men. She added that she contributed to the abuse herself by drinking too much and not having any self respect.

She continued this pattern until she started dating Matthew in 2007, and had a healthy relationship for the first time. The couple split in 2008 however, and Cheryl said that it could’ve been because she didn’t love herself enough to think that she deserved someone who was nice to her. Her L.A. – party lifestyle was also a cause. She said that Matthew was already over this phase as he had grown up in the industry, but this was something new to her.

After their split in 2008, they got together again in 2017 and got married in May 2019. She spoke about how grateful she is for having him back in her life, and was owes being the person she is today to him as he is the complete opposite of all her past relationships. She said that she could wish the abuse never happened to her, but in reality it helped her become the person she is today.


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