Ted Nugent Tests Positive for COVID-19 After Downplaying Pandemic: ‘I Thought I Was Dying’

Ted Nugent, who once alluded to COVID-19 as “not a genuine pandemic,” uncovered that he was in gigantic torment in the wake of getting the infection.

While recording a Facebook live video at his Michigan farm, the “Feline Scratch Fever” vocalist uncovered that he tried positive for COVID-19 on Monday.

“I have had influenza manifestations throughout the previous 10 days,” Nugent said. “I thought I was biting the dust. Simply a clusterfuck. I was tried positive today. I got the Chinese crap. I have a stuffed-up head, body throbs.”

Calling the infection “an undeniable irritation,” the artist said he could barely creep up the most recent couple of days. Regardless of this, Nugent said that he wouldn’t get the COVID-19 antibody since he guarantees that “no one knows what’s in it.”

An antibody that was approved in four months contrasted with each and every other immunization that required long stretches of satisfactory testing,” Nugent said. “Have you seen what’s in it?”

The demigod, who was an ally of previous President Donald Trump, recently called the pandemic a trick and has erroneously asserted that the authority COVID-19 passing check is an expanded number.

“They guarantee 500,000 individuals have passed on from COVID-19,” Nugent said in another Facebook Livestream. “Bologna. I accept that clinical analysts in each of the 50 states have gone, ‘I put down on the demise authentication that he kicked the bucket of suffocation, yet they made me put COVID.'”

Nugent, who utilized racial slurs to allude to the COVID-19 infection, called himself “against bigot” in a Facebook Livestream a month ago.

“Every individual who focuses, not the ones who consider me a bigot, but rather individuals who are really legit and focus realize that I have given proper respect and adoration to the Black saints of music for my entire life, which means I’m the counter bigoted,” Nugent said. “So on the off chance that you discover someone who considers Ted Nugent a bigot, you are taking a gander at a subhuman piece of crap who carries on obviously false.”

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