Character analysis of sweet but lethal girl from Sword Art Online; Asuna

Asuna is a popular character of Sword Art Online who was born in a privileged class family. Asuna was shown as a sweet girl, who is majorly possessive and protective of Kirito.

Kirito and Asuna did get married in real life, as well as in the game. She is extremely gentle, subtle, and passionate about people surrounding her. She fights well, and always shows gratitude towards her loved once. All these qualities make her a perfect girlfriend material. Her perfect relationship with Kirito makes other girl players quite jealous. Precision and calmness are the quality that makes her lethal during fights. But some parts of the audience do not like her for some reason.

After having a very close encounter with death, when a member of the guild was secretly cheated them and was a part of laughing coffin, and being saved by Asuna, he decides to devote his life to her, and then, they become life partners.

Later the couple decided to marry each other so that nothing in this world can separate them. They get married to protect each other, to support each other, to love each other. They became unbeatable together in the game. Later on, they accepted a girl named Yui as their daughter, who was an AI system for the game.

Inside the game, Asuna was a master practitioner of swords and ranked top in the game. She was the master of amazing agility and speed. Asuna always prefers thrust attacks and her weapon of choice, rapier, even adds more power and skills to her attacks. Her ability to make multiple hits within a few seconds makes her unbeatable. People love everything about her as she is a well-designed character in the game.

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