Character analysis of Shanks, Most interesting and hard to read Anime Character

Shanks is a character, which is very hard to read in the world of One Piece. Shanks is a very gentle and polite person, unlike other pirate captains, and he wants to earn and gain respect from his crew rather than just ruling.

His jolly nature makes Dracula, which is a very serious character to have fun with him. He is a carefree person, and even losing an arm cannot bother him.

He did get on the board on the Pirate King’s ship when he was young, but we don’t know how this came to be. Did Roger recruit him or Shanks did beg Roger to allow him on board?

But based on the fact that Roger gave Shanks his straw hat, it’s more likely the former to be the case. After Roger was executed, Shanks did form his own crew. Roger gave him the straw hat because he saw himself in Shanks. Shanks did the same thing with Luffy. When he gave him the straw hat, he said, “That kid is gonna be big. I know because he reminds me of my early years”.

The fact that the number one swordsman in the world cannot defeat Shanks, who is not a swordsman, but his weapon of choice is a sword is, because otherwise, the title of the best swordsman in the world belongs to Shanks as much as it does to Mihawk.

Zoro would not be happy if this was not the case. Taking down Mihawk is hard enough, and now, he has to take down Shanks as well! Anyway, he did stop Kaido from coming to Marineford and when he went there, Shanks did challenge everyone to fight. But, no one did take him on.

He always believed in the ideology of avoiding unnecessary bloodsheds. For more information and further updates, stay glued to our website.