‘Carmen Sandiego’ Season 3: is it coming on Netflix anytime soon? Check out release date and all exclusive updates.

The hit animated kids series full of adventure, Carmen Sandiego is gonna come up with its third season on Netflix. The series is an adaptation from a show whose original creator is Broderbund. It’s about modern lady who is in figure of a Robin Hood. She goes to different places of the world and solves mysterious crimes and helps people get their stolen items back.


Season one of Carmen Sandiego came in January 2019, on Netflix. Just after a few months came Carmen Sandiego season 2 in October 2019. So aren’t you wondering when will Carmen Sandiego season 3 come? Well, we are here to inform you about it. Season 3 has already been confirmed by the official Twitter account of the show in April 2020.

Moving forward to the expectations from the show, nothing can be said surely. But one thing is clear as per the teasers that the show will take us to a new location. Exactly which place it’ll be is not yet revealed but it would possibly be Venice in Italy or Lagos in Nigeria, Atlanta in United States, Seoul in South Korea or San Jose in Costa Rica.


Carmen Sandiego season 3 will release on 1st October 2020. Official Twitter handle of Carmen Sandiego announced the news, however there are possibilities for the dates to change. But by the time the show lands the franchise has other entertainment options for you. There’s a link provided in the official website of the show which leads you to ample amount of interesting book library and even some new board games.


Also many videos about expectations have been uploaded by fans account on YouTube. However, no official trailer have been released yet by the streaming service.