Jon Gosselin’s Son Collin has finally confessed his feelings about all the abuse allegations! Check it out.

Son of Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin, Collin Gosselin recently shared a positive response through his Instagram. The sixteen years old son of the former TLC stars said that he has been doing much better now and his fans are relieved to hear this from him. He used to live in a boarding school previously, but after two years he came back and currently was staying with his father and Hannah, his sister.

Just a week before he posted on his Instagram that his father lied to him and that he abuses him. But, as of now, the post has been deleted. Thus, it’s quite a difficult task to assume what exactly is going between the two. Whether the allegations that Collin has put on Jon is true or not? Well, that’s some internal things in the life of these celebrities and their kid, but find out about the whole story below.

The boy posted a selfie on his private Instagram profile and captioned it mentioning that he has got a new cut and that he has been doing really better than how he was. He also added that life is very great and should be enjoyed by every individual and that people should live each day as it’s gonna be the last one. This post was put three days after he accused Jon of harassment and beating him. He also accused him of punching him on his face. Jon’s fans on the other hand do not find it to be true.

Colin revealed that his father beat him so badly that his nose got swollen and blood started gushing out of it. He continued saying that later his father kicked him on his ribs and he was panting from pain on the floor, he also claimed that his father was a liar. However, it’s glad that things have improved between them and Colin is happy.