In the mood for some Latin Music? Check out these new options from Lele Pons, Ecko, Las Villa & More!

The best new Latin songs, albums and videos got compiled into “First Stream Latin” and the recommendation of the songs and videos was made by Billboard Latin editors.

The “First Stream Latin” consists of some really great content added that has been added to it and people are really liking it. Some of the albums and songs in the list are:

1) Lele Pons, Guaynaa “Se Te Nota” : Lele Pons and Guaynaa have collaborated with each other to get the title of the next Quarantine Club banger. English translation of  “Se Te Nota,” is “You Can Tell”. The song basically is about a person having crush on someone and Jose-Emilio Sagaro is the one to direct it.

2) Leonel García, Amor Pasado : the song is gonna be made under Sony Music, Mexico. Leonel García has thought of combining two classic songs,  “En el Último Trago” and “La Media Vuelta” and make his own album. Moreover, it would be featuring Natalia Lafourcade, iLE and Melissa Robles.

3) Gilberto Santa Rosa, Colegas: this one is brought to us by InnerCat Music Group. It is basically an authentic salsa classic. So all you need while you listen to this song is a perfect dance partner.

4) Las Villa, Beéle, “Caníbales” : It’s a great one by Warner Music Latina. Whereas, the producers are Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo. Lyrics of the song is perfectly written as deep metaphor and urban dramatic twist with classical instruments playing in the background.

5) Ecko, “Mujer” : This is made under Universal Music Latino. The song is about Argentina’s pioneers of the increasing trap movement. In the song, the 21 years old singer wishes to be with a woman who’s already committed.

Well, the list has some other amazing songs too which you’ll surely enjoy.