Cardi B is one of her kind and doesn’t take anybodies trash! She threw the trash back at people who are trolling plastic surgery on Instagram!! Checkout the video!!

Cardi B seems to have a lot of luggage to take off her chest recently. The American rapper has taken to social media to lash at all the people who are throwing shade at plastic surgery. It is a known fact that a lot of popular American figures have at least once gone under the knife. Cardi B might have one of the fewest Hollywood celebrities who have admitted that they have gone under plastic surgery and are not ashamed to tell it to the world.

Cardi B, 26-years-old, has taken to Instagram on Sunday to lend people who were talking badly about plastic surgery a piece of her mind. Cardi B has released a video of her talking, scolding and lashing, at the people who are joking about celebrities and normal people about getting plastic surgery.

In the video, Cardi B said that she does not like talking s**t about a woman’s (b**ch’s) body because she remembers the way she struggled with her own. She then went on to say that she remembers the time when she had a small ass and has no b**bs on her.

Cardi B said that she only talks about other people’s bodies only when they talk about her’s in a way she doesn’t appreciate. Cardi B continued to say that a lot of natural b**ches are present in the world, who have stepped out only after they have got their bodies “done” perfectly. She added that it was these b**ches that act two-faced on the social media platforms.

But the “I Like It” rapper has left a message through her lashing and whipping video. Cardi B said that people have to love the way they are and must be confident about themselves. She added that people should never criticize other’s appearances.