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Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s latest music video has started a huge controversy! What is it?

These days there is everything available at the tip of one’s hands. Anyone who wishes to know about certain things can do so by browsing on the internet. Content that is created is done for a reason as per the likes of the public. There are several genres in which one can get content. Be it video content or audio. Anything and everything has its own merits/demerits. One can choose to search for their preferences on the internet.

What was the controversy about WAP?

An offensive term, WAP means Wet Ass Pussy. Not a pleasant word for many, it is used in a sexual term. There has been a video released by Cardi B/Megan on youtube with two ladies performing activities that could activate their WAP. This was something that was done for the public that demanded such videos and it was turned over by two African ladies. The controversy started with the ladies who had performed such stunts.

While there are YouTubers like CeeLo who demonstrated a man having sexual advances and raping a lady who was unconscious and called it to be normal since the concept of consent would appear when the lady would have been awake or in her senses as a passed out lady is equal to a lady not being present at the location and this was enough to bring rage among the public that started protesting against such content on the internet which made that individual apologize in public for their acts committed.

However, the video that we are talking about was considered offensive due to the performers’ race as any sexual act initiated by African ladies is considered to be offensive and low in grade. This is the controversy that has gone farther than it was in the starting.

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