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DC will be exploring the origin of Joker’s partner in crime Punchline in the new one shot comics! Check it out.

Establishment of the new squeeze punchline of the Joker happened recently in the breakout comic book characters. And now she is all prepared to come up with her personalised one shot comic. James Tynion IV ( who previously wrote Batman) and Sam Johns ( from Crimes of Passion of the DC Comic) and artists Mirka Andolfo ( who brought the character Harley Quinn) are ready to bring up the new villainess.

Tynion 1V said that at the time he introduced Punchline for the very first time, he knew and was sure that this is not gonna stop here and the character had the spark to get a lot more attention. Moreover, he already had many preplanned stories for her which he thought of bringing up in the following years. And now finally its coming up in November 2020.

He added that although the Joker War has ended but the story of Punchline has just begun from there. Even he is very much excited to come up with Punchline’s story and disclose her horrific past and wonderful future to the audience. And he said that both the talented and incredible Sam Johns, Mirka Andolfo will be accompanying him in doing this task. Well, he successfully created a hype among the fans by hinting that this is only the beginning and future stores a lot of interesting stories and adventures for the viewers.

The response of fans regarding the Punchline character was positive and thus the decision to bring more of her came into the mind of the creators. Tynion said that he is really greatful to be a part of the creation team of Punchline. We expect that the final date for release of Punchline’s story gets revealed soon, and will inform y’all about it so stay tuned.

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