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Jim Ross discusses about clashes between WWE company and Sable and the controversial lawsuit.

The rule of nature is to believe in what we see and feel and not what we hear from others. What may be conveyed to us could be wrong, while things that come out of the gut feelings are usually correct and unarguable. Several examples can prove the above statement. WWE is a famous group of people that are interested in wrestling and take to the TV to wrestle.

Jim Ross has conveyed to the world on behalf of Sable who was the face of wrestling until she left it. The reason why she had left the work was due to the conveyed information to her. People in the industry were telling her false acquisitions about the industry and was trying to get her into a clash with it. The same was the reason for her quitting the work and shifting to entertainment. She has been on TV more these days and has refrained from interacting with people from the wrestling department.

What was the reason for her coming to the limelight once again?

The reason as not disclosed by her is now getting clearer with her husband explaining and that only testifies our belief in obeying things that we feel and see rather than what we hear. Despite her distance away from it, she doesn’t attend get-togethers or anything concerning it, she is yet able to earn a huge amount with this profession in some way or the other.

Her mistake as she confessed it to be was the same. Despite having no regrets now, she still considers her decision for filing a lawsuit against the industry as a whole. A lesson if nothing, it must be learned by all.

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