Camila Cabello met “Old town Road” rapper Lil Nas X and their iHeart Festival friendship seems to bloom well!! Checkout what Instagram has to say!!


Camila Cabello met Lil Nas X at the iHeart Festival 2019 and they seem to have become good friends. Cabello took to her Instagram to share the moment and praise Nas’ talent and congratulated him.

Camilla captioned her Instagram post, “@lilnasx besides being so talented has the sweetest energy ever !!!!!!!! congratulations on everything, you deserve it all.” Cabello’s admiration for Lil Nas is not one-sided. Nas also took to his Instagram and shared his wish to collaborate with the Senorita singer. He wrote, “Watching her career over the past few years has been inspiring asf. Can’t wait to work with you one day @camila_cabello you amazing human being.”

And good news for all their fans, Camila commented on Nas’s post and agreed that they needed to do a collaboration. She commented, “Let’s do it!” so DO. IT. Just tell us when and where kay?” So, it seems there might be another collaboration in the works.

While Camila Cabello has been on the radio with her No, 1 hit Senorita with Shawn Mendes, she released another single, Liar, which ranked No. 56 on the charts. However, Liar was not just one of her singles released. She released another single from her upcoming album, called Shameless. Shameless ranked at No. 60 on the charts, behind Liar. Her album is due to be released in the upcoming months.

In the meantime, Lil Nas X is gaining popularity with his new music, Old Town Road featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, which ranked No. 11 on the charts. The single has been on the Top 10 charts for months and has earned a spot in history, for being No. 1 for 19 weeks straight. Stars like Bruno Mars and Mariah Carey have taken to social media to congratulate Nas on his achievements. Nas took over the record from Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson and their collaboration song Uptown Funk!