Brooke Houts, a YouTube getting attention for wrong reasons? Brutal treatment of pet Dog got recorded, footage leaked by mistake??

Brooke Houts, a YouTube star, is currently being investigated by the police of Los Angeles after she shared footage accidentally. In the accidentally shared footage, Brooke Houts was seen hitting, yelling, and spitting on her pet dog.

She posted this footage on her YouTube channel on Tuesday. This footage was then immediately removed. In the video footage, Brooke announced that she was planning to prank her dog using plastic wrap.

Image: YouTube

Though a new video was posted again after deleting the content where she abused her pet dog, the video footage was then again removed.

While shooting for the video, when Brooke was talking to the camera, her pet dog, a Doberman named Sphinx, jumped on her. Following this scene, Brooke Houts has responded aggressively to her pet dog.

A representative from the Los Angeles Police Department told BuzzFeed News that they are investigating the matter.

The representative said that the Los Angeles Police Department was aware of this incident. The representative added that Animal Cruelty is looking into the matter, and there is an open investigation going on.

The People magazine has also gathered the information that the Los Angeles Police Department has received numerous complaints on the very same matter.

Though this video was removed, one of the viewers has saved the footage and shared it. This footage has received massive angry comments.

On Wednesday, Brooke Houts has made a statement regarding the video footage. She said that she should not have yelled at her dog. But Brooke has denied that she did not spit on Sphinx. She added that the video might have made it appear that she spit on her dog.

Brooke Houts also said that she was not a dog abuser in any way, form or shape. She added that she did not hurt her pet dog.