Titans Season 2 coming up with all new generation of Titans with more Drama, Action and maybe a love story!!

The season 1 of Titans was aired on October 12 on DC Universe streaming service. The sequel of this show is now confirmed! The 1st season of Titans ended on December 21 with a divisive season finale. The season 1 of Titans has 10 episodes and introduces a lot of new DC heroes and villains.

Robert Ortiz is going to produce the season 2 of Titans. He also produced Titans season 1. John Fawcett, Greg Berlanti, Geoff Johns, Sarah Schechter, and Akiva Goldsman are going to executive produce the season 2 of Titans.

Image: Den of Geek

Geoff Johns, the Titans executive producer, has announced the season 2 of Titans at the New York Comic-Con. It was confirmed that they have already mapped out how many new characters are going to appear in the Titans Season 2. Furthermore, they have already planned the entire arc of the Titans Season 2.


At the New York Comic-Con, Geoff Johns has also made a remark that the legendary write of New Teen Titans, Marv Wolfman, is going to be the happiest with the news of the Titans Season 2.

The first season of Titans has introduced the world to Raven, Beast Boy, Robin, Hawk, Dove, and Star-fire. Doom Patrol, Donna Troy, and Jason Todd were other characters to be introduced along. It’s clear that season 2 of Titans is going to have a significantly larger number of heroes.

The trailer which was released recently gave fans their first look at the Titan’s new set of heroes. These new set of heroes include Superboy, Jericho, Aqualad, and Ravager. The trailer also shows Glen as Bruce Wayne and Curran Walters is going to return to DC Universe as Jason Todd.

It is visible that Raven’s look has significantly changed in the Titans Season 2 trailer. This change also promises us that Raven is going to look more of her comic-self and is going to wear her iconic red gem on her forehead.