Britney Spears’ Trainer boyfriend Sam Asghari has only compliments for the popstar, says she is a natural-born athlete!

In a recent interview, trainer Sam Asghari spoke words in praise of her girlfriend pop star Britney Spears. According to him, she is a natural-born athlete. And the knowledge she has about working out is when combined with his info on fitness is adorable to see when they collaborate on new moves that they do together.

When it is on on the camera it looks great. But in actual, the moves they practice are quite harder than they look to others. Not just this much, he revealed much more about their daily schedule and workout. He also explained how much they love to practice exercises with each other. He also described that they run and do a lot of yoga. Not to mention, he described how they challenge each other to do different types of exercises.

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He continued that she can do a lot of yoga moves as compared to him. He can’t do yoga to that extent. According to him, she is a natural-born athlete. She just pushes herself and combines some dance forms too. Along with this, she can accomplish various number of workouts. Trying to look aged becomes a difficult task when you are in perfect shape. It becomes your need to challenge yourself and change things up to maintain your fitness.

Although they love to work hard and sweat together in the gym. But they also like to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. They prefer to do activities which involve movement anyway. They love to go for go horseback riding, bicycling and are currently having thoughts to go for skydiving. Skydiving seems to be a very active sport for them. They do a lot of outdoor activities together. They really want to adventure and live the best quality of life that they can.

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