Brand New Netflix K-Drama Start-Up Is All About Big Dreams And Cut Throat Competition!

You can never go wrong with a K- Drama show! As these shows are growing to be extremely popular with time and fans cannot get enough of these shows. Netflix is bringing another brand new show on the streaming platform! We have all the information of this brand new Korean series on Netflix.

Don’t Miss Out On Netflix’s Brand New K- Drama Start-Up!

The brand new K- Drama series titled Start-Up is a Netflix original series created by Park Hye Ryun and will be directed by Oh Choong Hwan. While the series has aired on the streaming platform on 17th October, there will be sixteen episodes in total. Here’s the official trailer of Start-up.

Each episode is going to be quite long with a running time of 70 mins each. The series finale will arrive on 6th December, so there are two months left till the first season wraps up. As the leading actors play the role of ambitious business-oriented entrepreneurs out there in the tech world, there will be facing various challenges on the way.

The K- Drama Series Is Already Available On Netflix!

As these people try to survive in this cut-throat competition, how will manage to balance their professional and private life and all the following ups and downs that follow soon after? The story has all the essential K- Drama plot elements and an interesting story line.

So, if you are a K-Dara fanatic , don’t forget to tune into the streaming platform and watch these group of young entrepreneurs reaching for the stars while struggling with their inner demons as well.  This show is the newest addition in this ever growing list of new Korean shows and series.