Madeleine Westerhout: Trump’s personal assistant resigns reality or hoax?

Information leaks are very common in the White House. Recently, family information of President Donald Trump is said to be leaked during a dinner near New Jersey. According to sources, the culprit is none other than Donald Trump’s personal assistant Madeleine Westerhout. She reportedly also disclosed personal information about the family to a journalist.

Ms. Westerhout’s fate:

After gaining knowledge about the events, Donald Trump forced Ms. Westerhout to reason immediately. He also said that she wasn’t allowed to enter the White House again. The news came as a shock to many of her employees who didn’t have any idea about the matter. None of the White House members believed that she could do something like this. According to sources, she was a true believer of Trump’s policies and also stood by his side in tough times. She was also seen getting emotional when Trump was elected as the President. Before working for Trump, she was also assistant to Republican National Committee Chief of Staff Katie Walsh.

Madeleine Westerhout’s relationship with Donald Trump:

People who know both Trump and Westerhout say that Trump was very close to her. Trump couldn’t tolerate the leakage of his family’s personal information. So Westerhout was abruptly told to exit. If someone has to meet Donald Trump, then that person should first talk to Westerhout. She was like a shadow to Trump. Whether intentional or unintentional information leaks can prove to be poisonous if heard by the wrong person. No matter who, the culprit should be dealt with harshly to avoid further loss. Now, the interesting thing to look forward is that will Trump turn back to Westerhout, or she will be gone for good.