Boiling Point: Philip Barantini Greenlit to Direct the British Indie Series starring Stephan Graham

Stephen Graham to enter Boiling Point

Philip Barantini’s hit British indie film ‘Boiling Point’, starring Stephen Graham, is all set to release as a BBC TV series Charting Events, six months after the movie’s release.

Boiling Point

Graham and co-star Hannah Walter’s Matriarch Productions are set to produce a five-part sequel that explores the gritty world of big-time restaurants. Also, Ascendant Fox will begin shooting early next year with Bregantini’s Made Up Productions. This project will be the debut for Made Up Productions.

Not a big film but will include long shots!

Picking up where the film left off, when Andy (Stephen Graham) was knocked out on the floor, the series will follow Andy’s former sous chef Carly (Wynette Robinson) as head chef at her own restaurant. Graham and Walters will continue to play Andy and Emily and will also executively produce the show.

Graham and Walters have mentioned that “Boiling Point” will no longer be a one-shot film. But the series will still feature its long shots and camera techniques that will retain its originality and its fan base.

cast and crew of

The perfection of the story telling and most importantly the character designing has captured the attention of the people very well and has led to the creation of a drama series with BBC which will keep the fans curious.

Audience will be attracted, Expected!

The highly acclaimed movie Boiling Point was nominated for four BAFTAs including Outstanding British Film in a Leading Role and Best Actor for Graham.

Barantini will be the director and James Cummings as the writer for the first two episodes. In addition to Graham and Walters, there are also many well-known producers such as Hester Ruoff, Bart Ruspoli, Cummings, Barantini and Rebecca Ferguson. The BBC has international film distribution rights. It is speculated that this move will bring the series to more people.