As We See it: Amazon Prime Cancels the Show After Just Season 1

First Season was premiered in January this year

As We See It” is an American comedy-based series. It constituted of 8 episodes per season. With the successful release of the very first in January, the drama is reported to be cancelled by amazon for the further release. With 90% approval from the critics, it received 98% rating on rotten tomatoes.
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The series was directed by Jesse Peretez. In March 2019, it was disclosed that Amazon Prime Video will release the series on the adaptation of On the Spectrum. The series was delighted to be written by Jason Katims with True Jack Productions Jeni Mulein  as production company. Soon after the release of the first episode, Amazon cancelled the series after one season on October 20, 2022.

About the series

The series starred Rick Glassman, Sue Ann Pien, Albert Rutecki, Sosie Bacon and Chris Pang as different characters and their amazing roles. Joe Mantegna joined a bit later.

What the cast thinks?
Ali Goldstein/Amazon Prime Video

The story of As We See It is about 3 roommates who are somewhere suffering from autism spectrum. It is a brain development disorder in which a person feels hesitation in communicating with the people or are very much resistant to social interaction.

The trio with help of each other, family, friends try to manage their life in a usual way. The face problem regarding making new friends, falling in love and many more things.

Autism Spectrum is important to understand

According to reports, Caroline Framke was seen writing As We See it. She mentions that the objectives of the writer being very clear by quoting that with ‘As We See It,’ creator Jason Katims has clear objectives. He only wants to let people on the autism spectrum to be the central point of their own stories, and to tell those stories with the kind of care they’re otherwise rarely offered on TV.