Blake Shelton’s “Hell Right” has Trace Adkins’s unique vocals: 27th No.1 for Tollison.

Blake Shelton is all set to release his 27th No.1 solo “Hell Right.” The new release also features Trace Adkins.

Blake Tollison Shelton is an American singer famous in the genre of ‘country.’ With ‘Austin,’ in 2001, Shelton topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for an entire span of 5 weeks. Some of his mentionable works include The Dreamer, Blake Shelton’s Barn & Grill, Red River Blue, and If I am Honest. The seven-time Grammy Award nominee broke the record for the most consistent and consecutive No.1 singles in the category of Country with his 11th No. 1 Doin’ What She Likes. The 43-year-old singer has also appeared in television judging ‘Nashville Star,’ ‘Clash of the Choirs’ and ‘The Voice,’ the American singing reality shows.

Trace Darell Adkins is an American actor and a country singer. With his debut album Dreamin’ Out Loud in the year 1996, Trace held more than 20 solos on the Billboard country music charts.

The tune of “Hell Right” has been written by David Garcia, Michael Hardy, and Brett Tyler. Michael Hardy was one of the co-writers in Shelton’s recent most No.1 hit “God’s Country.” Trace Adkins, according to Blake, has a “low, deep, big voice” which made him hover on Blake’s mind for the baritone vocals. Blake’s 2009 No.1 hit, “Hillbilly Bone” also featured Trace. The American singer further adds that Trace has a fantastic personality in his voice and considered him “one of the most underrated country artists.” Blake commented that Trace adds a “certain quality to any recording that nobody else can touch.” Trace, when approached by Blake for the song, agreed to be a part of it by saying something “close to ‘Hell Right,’ but it was a different cuss word,” Blake quoted.