Simon Cowell’s Vegan Diet Starts Reflecting in his Figure, Fans take a Note!

America’s Got Talent judge Simon has shown the signs of change in appearance after going vegan.

The English TV producer tells he not only feels better but also looks better after this change in his diet.

The man rates himself 11 on a scale of 10 after this in his lifestyle. He further said I was on eight before. The Judge who feels better thinks better, and memory has also improved, so he did not change challenging to adjust. I can still drink beer; he highlights laughingly.

Simon Cowell's Vegan Diet Starts Reflecting in his Figure, Fans take a Note! 1
Before and after veganism.

Cowell’s transformation did not go down so well with media and fans as he would think, becoming the new sensation and also attracting some hilarious comments on Twitter.

Perez Hilton satirical about the new vegan lifestyle of Simon highlights, fillers in the cheek, botox in the forehead, and new veneers is required. Calling out for people’s suggestion, he also explored a possibility eye job for Cowell.

ā€” Perez (@ThePerezHilton)

Simon, who lost 20 pounds since he adopted a vegan lifestyle, was criticized for his dull and gloomy look. A user in awe writes, what happened to Simon?

Does he look like a work that needs restoration after a fire at Madame Tussauds? Possibly, and many would agree with Crowby a Twitterati draws a parallel with a waxwork. The memes only got funnier, if we only account all you did know how Simin must be feeling now. Crosby found lots of support as another user feels Simons’s face is looking like a doll left under the Sun to melt.

ā€” donation-Mifflin, this is Beric (@CrypticPinecone)

With no mercy for the TV producer, one twitter user even compared called the upside-down face kid the family guy. TGB aka twittersgoodboy did not harm by garnishing the picture with some wrinkles and a ting of grey beard, that is perfect why would any have an issue? Played it cool mate. People went as far as comparing him with extraterrestrial, which is not bad.