Pirates of the Caribbean: Will Johnny Depp Return as Jack Sparrow in the Upcoming Part of the Franchise?

Pirates of the Caribbean is a series that is one of the most-watched to date. The story revolves around several pirates who get stuck at an island and are attacked over by several men over and overtime again. The show has several pirates who possess different characteristics and are skilled in warfare. Among them, the main character played by Johnny Depp of Jack Sparrow is the strongest pirate among the rest. He is the most skilled fighter and is bold at the same time. He has several characters revolting against him.

Despite facing internal and attacks from the outside, he is capable of safeguarding himself from every attack. The series has released 5 movies already with the 6th one yet to be released. When the series Pirates of the Caribbean is talked about, Johnny is the actor that gets linked up in one’s mind due to the central and hugely popular role of Jack Sparrow that is played by him in the series. 


It comes to our great surprise to consider the appearance of Johnny in the 6th part of the series, despite his being the central role to play in the entire series. Not once had we thought of witnessing Johnny’s cameo in the series. The 6th season, as the producer, Jerry Bruckheimer recently claimed would be doubting Johnny’s appearance in the 6th instalment due to a less important role that his character would have to play in the 6th and the upcoming chapter. The fact that his role would be shown in a minority or would not be central is something to worry about by his fans.

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As mentioned, the franchise series is known for the character played by Johnny Depp, of Jack Sparrow. Seeing the central role in a cameo would be the first of its kind and is something his fans would have difficulty accepting in the longer run