Billionaire, Tony Khan, rumored to have an ‘increased role’ in the Jacksonville Jaguars

A noted American football and association football executive, Tony Khan, has been handed an additional responsibility of taking over Jacksonville Jaguars.


Tony gets a stake in Jacksonville Jaguars

According to the NBC Sports’ Reports, the Senior Vice President of Football Technology and Analytics, Tony Khan, has been given an opportunity by his dad to have stakes in his company. Shad Khan, Tony’s father, and the Jaguars have seemed to have reportedly fired the General Manager and two-time Superbowl Winner Tom Coughlin following the NFLPA revealing that 25% of player grievances filed throughout the year have been against the Jaguars.

Jacksonville Jaguars have been looking for a new owner since the impeachment of Tom Coughlin. Tony Khan accepted the proposal offered to him. Yet his role in the company hasn’t been made public. Since he is also the All Elite Wrestling owner, it’s likely that it wouldn’t interfere too much with his current ownership stake in the wrestling company.

Khan, who also featured on the front cover of Forbes Magazine in 2012, is the owner and chairman of TruMedia Networks, and a key investor in the Activist Artists Management firm. The 37-year-old billionaire has a net worth of 6.8 billion dollars and is one of the richest people of America.

The above report was tweeted by the NBC reporter, Albert Breer as he said that Tony Khan is the new thing to be added to the Jaguars story as he becomes a name to watch as they plan for the future. Shahid Khan will be having an increased role going forward.

Shahid Khan, the Pakistani born American businessman, purchased the Jacksonville Jaguars’ from Wayne Weaver for an estimated 770 million dollars.