Nikki Bella has this one regret for her Ex-fiancee John Cena

Recently, Nikki Bella reveals one regret about her breakup with John Cena in an interview with Health magazine.

Nikki Bella talked about her breakup with John Cena

Former American professional wrestler and reality star, Nikki Bella had been in a six-year relationship with John Cena. The Duo also got engaged during Wrestlemania but they parted ways and also called off their engagement and weeding in April of 2018. Nikki Bella also has a reality television show with her twin sister, Brie Bella by the name of Total Bellas.

Recently in an interview with Health magazine and speaking of her reality show, Total Bellas, Nikki Bella recently expressed that she regrets John Cena not having more opportunity to share his side of the story. She furthermore said that she regretted showcasing the breakup as no one got to hear John’s voice and thus it seemed only one-sided. She felt like that it was not fair to him as he was with them from the beginning of this journey.

Nikki Bella talked about her career

The former WWE wrestler, Nikki Bella also talked about her career in which she said that John was selflessly there to support her career without expecting anything in return. She also said that he never took one paycheck from Total Bellas even though he was a frequent guest in the show. She also added that it was beautiful that he was there to support her and will never forget his support and love.

John Cena also came close to Nikki’s family due to their relationship and still maintains a loving bond. Her twin sister, Brie was also saddened by the couple’s split and said that her twin made a big mistake but later on she also came to see that their relationship was not meant to go to the distance.