After a seven-month engagement period, Hilary Duff finally marries Mathew Koma. The couple shares their wedding pictures. Read on to see.

WAO!!! Hilary Duff is married now. She was the prettiest bride on her wedding day. Read on to know the complete details about her wedding.

Hillary Duff shares their romantic wedding picture

The young, as well as a beautiful 32-year-old actress, got married to Mathew Koma this last Saturday. She shared a romantic photo with her husband, Mathew, on Instagram.  Duff captioned a post with “This,” along with a photograph where a newlyweds couple is standing romantically in front of a Jeep Grand Wagoneer written with “Just Married” on the rear window.

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Duff tagged a designer Jenny Packham in the photo and showed off her adorable backless gown and long cape. Her husband Mathew also shared his wedding with Hillary on his Instagram account, and captioned “For the rest forever…….12.12.19.”

Mathew and Hilary also showed off their wedding bells to their fans on Instagram Story by posting a bathroom selfie, where the couple is standing in front of the mirror of the bathroom, Mathew is kissing DuffDuff on her cheeks, and she is showing her wedding ring.

How did the wedding ceremony happen?

Sources claimed that the couple had a very small wedding function, and it was at Duff’sDuff’s house. Only family and close friends were there at the ceremony. The couple got tied in a knot of marriage after having a seven-month engagement.

They had a wedding ceremony inside the house, and after that, a kind of reception started. The reception function was arranged in a white tent in the backyard. The sources also claimed that “most of the preparations were done by Hilary’s sister Haylie.”

We wish the happiest married life to Hilary and Mathew.