Best Habits You Should Develop for a Good Writing

Writing is a skill that many wish to develop, and the reasons could be different. You may want to fulfill your wish of writing a book, start your online blog, better your portfolio, or improve writing for school assignments. 

No matter what your intention is, a few habits help in gradually developing the writing skills you have been aiming for. All you need is somewhere to start and a guide that can help set you in the right direction for growth. 

Best Habits You Should Develop for a Good Writing 5

Keep an organized schedule 

Contrary to a common belief that a writer’s life has no set hours of working or a time where they get the ideas to write. Writing is indeed an incredibly creative profession, and that demands a lot of your thoughts and time. However, to churn out your best, there must be a regular set schedule for your life away from writing. 


A schedule helps you zone in and out accordingly, plan the day, and keep enough time for recreation. A proper schedule is a good habit that will help you in life generally, as it progresses your path to be a writer worthy of appreciation. 

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Student life is an ideal time to hone writing skills perfectly, and it is achievable with the proper guidance and a plan. Students in college have the freedom to experiment and find the inspiration that moves them to write. If you’re in college and are looking for help as you also study, look for free essay samples by Eduzaurus and enjoy access to free essay samples for your education. Free essays are a perfect tool to learn, understand, and write better. 

Write regularly 

The single most important habit that is important to achieve writing skills is to do it regularly. Do not wait for the time when the motivation strikes or for the right inspiration. Set out a blank paper or a blank document on your laptop and write each day. If you have a goal to complete, then plan the day’s writing accordingly. 

If you are trying to improve and have not set an agenda, write about things you like. It could be just about your day, thoughts, or things that make you happy. Write. Analyze. Repeat. 

Best Habits You Should Develop for a Good Writing 6

Be Original

In a world full of influential and talented writers, it is easy to get influenced to follow what they are doing. From a knowledge perspective, it is good to follow established and celebrated authors and writers. If you are also on your journey to becoming one, you must focus on staying true to yourself. Put forward thoughts you believe in, identify your writing style and genres that you genuinely enjoy. Explore yourself before you settle on what you like the most. 

Read and research

The key to becoming a good writer lies in reading and research. Think of it this way: the more you expand your knowledge and information, the higher the chances of developing individual opinions. 

How would you ever write about things you do not know of? So, do not skip the reading and research part. Use essay examples for inspiration provided by WritingBros for research purposes and get a sense of what works in the writing domain. However, always remember to put forward thoughts you believe in, identify your writing style and genres that you truly enjoy. Explore yourself before you settle on what you like the most. Research and practice will help you achieve the skill, while excellent guidance will help you edit and put together a crispier final version of your written piece. 

Always finish what you start

Make it an undying habit to complete a writing piece that you have started. The gap and non-completion tend to wear off the motivation. To be a good writer, make it a thumb rule to finish a piece every time. It is okay to take a break if you cannot seem to get the ideas in place, but quitting midway is not. As you accomplish the goal to finish a writing piece, you will have enjoyed the sheer satisfaction that brings. Get others to read it, and help you fine-tune it better. 


These habits mentioned above will help you realize the importance of the journey of becoming a good writer. Start early, develop these habits or at least try them before you rule them out. Change your habits for the first 30 days, and sit down to track your performance. If you see improvement, you know you are on the right path. If you do not, it is time to try it again, but with a better approach and plan this time.

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