To All The Boys’ spin off series “XO Kitty” is confirmed to hit Netflix soon

“XO Kitty” on it’s way to Netflix

Netflix’ popular and successful film franchise “To All The Boys” is now confirmed to be coming back with its first spin off.

On Monday, the streaming giant announced the series saying that the story is not over. The show is titled “XO Kitty” which will revolve around Kitty Song Covey. Kitty is the younger sister of “To All The Boys” protagonist Lara Jean. Anna Cathcart will reprise the character of hilarious and fun-loving teen Kitty.

XO Kitty
Anna Cathcart | Instagram

The original story is about high-school girl Lara. Her life goes out of control when she finds out her secret love letters are mysteriously mailed out. The letters Lara wrote for every boy she ever loved.

The announcement video

The Instagram account of the film series shared a video which writes on the screen that people might have thought that the story is over, also there won’t be any more letters. But the another Covey sister who is also favorite of fans, is just going to start her love story. In that post Anna Cathcart commented “as a wise woman once said ‘OH HELLL YESSS”. Fans are also getting highly excited in the comment section as their favorite characters are coming back.

What is the storyline?

“XO Kitty” will follow the story of Kitty, a teen girl who claims to know everything about love. She will move halfway across the world to reunite with her long distance love. But soon Kitty will realize that love and relationships are complicated when it is your own heart on the line.

XO Kitty
Anna Cathcart | Instagram

Jenny Han will be co showrunner of “XO Kitty” along with Sacha Rothchild. Jenny is also author of those books, which the film franchise is inspired of- To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before; P.S. I Still Love You; and Always and Forever.

“XO Kitty” will contain 10 episodes with half hour duration. The release date of the show is not disclosed yet.