‘Batwoman’ Season 3 Midseason Finale Brings up a New Joker!

Joker gets a new version after Poison Ivy

The CW’s Batwoman season 3 had its midseason premiere on November 24, and showed something new happening to Gotham City. We were already getting a new version of Poison Ivy, after Nicole Kang’s Mary Hamilton became the new nature seductress/ supervillain.

However, that wasn’t enough as The CW series had another bombshell in store. Spoilers ahead from Season 3, episode 9 – Pick Your Poison.

What happens in the episode

Marquis Jet
The CW

The season was mainly about Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) finding out that her birth family was alive and meeting them. She finds out that they also have dark secrets hidden within. Her half-brother Marquis Jet (Nick Creegan) talks about something that happened in his childhood. He had crossed paths with the Joker, and it caused him to exhibit violent behaviour.

In fact, it got so out of control that their mother Jada Jet (Robin Givens) considered putting him in cryo sleep. Marquis even blackmailed Ryan, who is the current CEO of Wayne Enterprises to make him the new CEO. He announced his ownership on live television, and later dyes his hair purple, making audiences think that he will be the new Joker.

Creegan’s interview

Ryan and Marquis

The CWIn an interview with TVLine, Creegan confirmed the news, saying that he is indeed the Joker in Batwoman. He said that he was only auditioning for this sexy and arrogant playboy, but in a FaceTime meeting with showrunner Caroline Dries, he got to know that he will be the new Joker. Creegan also hinted that his Joker will exhibit some classic Joker mythos.

He also promised that his Joker will be giving a hard time for the Bat team, and that the next episode will be intense and insane. So don’t miss the next part of Batwoman season 3 airing on Wednesday, January 12th.