Batgirl : Brendan Fraser Joined DCEU as the Villain Firefly in Leslie Grace Movie!

Welcome to Gotham City, Brendan Fraser

DC’s Batgirl movie has found its villain in Firefly. It has been confirmed that actor Brendan Fraser will play the role of Firefly in the new upcoming movie. He will be playing the villain in the movie. Fraser is known for playing the role of  Cliff Steele and lends his voice to Robotman’s alter-ego in DC’s Doom Patrol and now he will make his way in the DC Universe. Batgirl is slated for the 2022 release for now. 

The plot of the movie and roles are still under wraps. The villain Firefly has made quite appearances in the DC Comics and also has made an appearance in CW’s Arrow. In Gotham, the role of firefly was played by a girl. In the series Arrow, the role was played by  Andrew Dunbar. Brendan Fraser has been cast alongside Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon aka the Batgirl and another cast member Jena Malone has also been added. 

Brendan Fraser Joined DCEU as the Villain Firefly in Batgirl Movie!
Credit: Dc Fandom

Who is DC’S Supervillain Firefly?

Firefly is known to associate with the Secret Society of Supervillains; Suicide Squad. In the comics, before becoming Firefly, he used to work in the movie business as a visual expert. Eventually, he became the pyromaniac after he was unable to control himself. He made himself a fire-proof suit. His obsession with fire is the result of his childhood traumas and abuse. He made his first appearance in DC Comics #184. Firefly was created by Dick Sprang and France Herron. 

Brendan Fraser Joined DCEU as the Villain Firefly in Batgirl Movie!
Credit: DC Fandom

The Batgirl movie will be directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Falla, who directed the movie Bad Boys for Life. The movie is being written by Christina Hodson who wrote the script for DC’s Birds of Prey. The movie will premiere on HBO Max exclusively on the streaming service, which will mark the DC’s first movie drop on HBO Max.