Avatar 2 Final Trailer Teases The Water Tribe Going to War Against the RDA

The highly-anticipated sequel is coming next month

The countdown for Avatar 2, or Avatar: The Way of Water, is on, and the final trailer is out. It showed the Metkayina clan being attacked by the RDA. The film is written and directed by James Cameron, who was also behind the first one, which went on to become the highest-grossing film ever. Now, a decade later, we are reintroduced to Jake and Neytiri, who are now parents to and with a lot more to protect. The new trailer shows a closer look at the dangers they’re about to face.

Avatar 2 Final Trailer

Avatar 2

The final trailer for Avatar 2 came out during Monday Night Football, and was shared by the film’s official YouTube and other social media handles. Like the others, the new trailer was a visual treat, and also introduced a lot of the other characters, mainly teenagers. Jake turns to the Metkayina clan, or the water tribe, to keep his family safe. The Sully family are once again chased by the Resources Development Administration or RDA. The corrupt and power-hungry mining facility led by Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang) was the primary antagonist in the first film, and Avatar 2 will follow it up.

Quaritch was killed by Neytiri at the end of the first film, but the RDA brought him back as a Recombinant, an avatar possessing the memories of a human soldier. So Quaritch retains all his memories and will be out to seek revenge. The trailer just showed a small taste of what the true carnage will be.


Avatar 2

From the early teases, the concepts for Avatar 2 was clear – water and family. The movie will feature a lot of underwater action, something Cameron and the team spent a lot of time in creating new technology. Now that all the trailers are done, all that is left is to wait for the movie to come out.

Avatar: The Way of Water releases on December 16.