Attack on Titan season 4: A must read guide for the upcoming season!

Attack on Titan season 4 is finally happening! Here is what to expect from the new season.

Season 4 will officially end some story arcs. This season will bring ErenMikasa and Armin’s story to a close.

This revelation did surprise many, as the Attack on Titan anime still has plenty of manga chapters left to adapt. In addition to that, Isayama’s comic series is also at the production stage. 

What does the future hold for Season 4?

The finale of season 3 finally explored Eren’s fabled basement, opening the truth of the world about the Titans and the unknown history. Hence, Season 4 may explore a new set of characters that exist outside of the walls in the enemy land of Marley. In due course, the new and old cast merge and events will build towards a climactic showdown between the Eldians inside the walls and those who have kept them captive for over 100 years.

Meanwhile, Season 4 is confirmed for a fall 2020 premiere. It is likely that Attack on Titan season 4 will comprise of two 10-12 episode blocks.

The new season will air on the NHK General TV network in Japan. Viewers in other territories would be able to watch the subtitled episodes on Crunchyroll after their original airing. Further details for Western viewers are still awaited.

Along the way, Attack on Titan season 4 will delve even deeper into the history and powers of the Titans. Also, more time skips are expected after the events of Season 3.

The biggest question surrounding Season 4 is how much specifics from the manga will be sacrificed so that every major storyline is completed up by the end of the season. 

Attack on Titan is based on the manga by Hajime Isayama. It came onto the international anime scene in 2013 with an engaging premise and sadistic, bloody violence. It became immensely popular, attracting an audience who had no previous interest in anime.