Ozark Season 3: How the things are getting more excited everyday!! Everything you need to know!

The present question on every Ozark fan’s mind is- What will happen to the Byrde family ahead when season three arrives on Netflix?

(Warning! Contains spoilers)

Season Two saw Marty Byrde and his family getting intertwined in a criminal enterprise. This opens up the opportunity to explore the story in further seasons.

Director Jason Bateman confirmed on Twitter that the show would be coming back for a 10-episode third season. It is expected to launch later in 2019.

Production is set to begin on May 2019

The Cast of Ozark

Madison Thompson joins the cast this year as Erin, Helen’s (Janet McTeer), headstrong teenage daughter. According to Deadline, she gets dragged along to the Ozarks “for some mother-daughter bonding that ends when neither expects.”

Ozark Season 3: How the things are getting more excited everyday!! Everything you need to know! 1

Few of the Marvel TV stars will also be joining the show. This includes Tom Pelphrey and Jessica Frances Dukes, from Iron Fist and Jessica Jones respectively. They will join the cast as series regulars.

Further inclusion to the list is Joseph Sikora and Felix Solis, while Janet McTeer and Lisa Emery have been bumped up to series regulars, too.

What is season three going to be about?

Showrunner Chris Mundy has said that show will see Marty and Wendy Byrde struggling with their power dynamic and “dealing with an outside force.” He also confirmed the entry of Wendy’s brother. He was shown as someone having mental issues in the past.

Chris further added that he is going to be a “very destabilizing factor.”

The finale of Season 2 saw the opening of Marty’s giant casino boat, which he used to lander millions of dollars for the Mexican drug cartel.

This might be the central focus of season three, as the Byrdes get their biggest operation running.

Mundy has said that if all goes well, the show will run for five seasons.

But he doesn’t have the idea of how the series will end. He hopes that Netflix will let them stay around long enough to give the story the “emotional ending” it needs.