Netflix ‘Another Life’ Season 2 all set to release? Expectations and Reality??

Is ‘Another Life’ cancelled or renewed for a 2nd season?

Netflix came up with a new science-fiction drama ‘Another Life’ for its viewers. The American space-based ensemble show had its season 1 released on 25th July 2019 worldwide. The sci-fi opera is created by Aaron Martin and stars Katee Sackhoff, Selma Blair, Tyler Hoechlin and Justin Chatwin among others.

The science drama follows the story of an astronaut, Niko Breckinridge, commander of Salvare space exploration ship, and his space crew, who are assigned a mission to investigate the origin of an alien artifact mysteriously found on the Earth. The tale emphasizes the incomprehensible horrors and struggles that the crew faces on the mission especially when they begin their hunt for alien intelligence. The storyline’s focal point is bifurcated into two halves where one showcases Salvare’s journey in space while the other half focuses on the events back on earth.

Netflix ‘Another Life’ Season 2 all set to release? Expectations and Reality?? 1
Another Life | Sci-Fi drama | Netflix | Season 1

The Season 1 that consists of 10 episodes, ended with people in space and on Earth in an undependable position; the crew supposedly landed on a different place than what they had anticipated while humans on earth were misguided into believing that Aliens are beneficial. The major cliffhanger at the end of Season 1 has raised the hopes and possibilities for a season 2 though there is no official confirmation for season 2 from the digital colossus. However, it doesn’t necessarily indicate anything negative because Netflix usually waits for sometime before deciding on the future of the series.

Let’s wait for the fate of the sci-fi opera. Stay tuned for more updates.