As Jaden Smith is Battling with Health Issues, Will and Jada Smith are Extremely Worried for their Son

The son of a famous actor and producer Will Smith, Jaden Smith who has become quite popular now not because of his father, but because of his skills in acting and rapping, was the one who won everyone’s heart by being the main lead of “The Karate Kid”. 

There is sad news that he can’t perform anymore, because of the illness he is facing. It feels really bad to see such a rising rapper and star to leave everything due to the health issues he is undergoing. He has become quite famous also because of his new film which launched in 2017, on Netflix called “Neo Yokio.”


We aren’t sure of what he is dealing with, but what we know is he has been very weak lately and not able to work because of a disease which he is undergoing because he didn’t eat enough protein food. Lack of nutrients and essential vitamins such as vitamin D, omega 3, B12, etc. are what led to him facing this.  

He has been undergoing this disease for almost a year now. This happened when all of a sudden he decided to turn vegan and started a vegan diet, which did not suit his body and led to him facing various problems since then. 

Will Smith and his wife, Pinkett Smith are very worried about what the future will hold for their child.  They are doing everything possible, providing all the best healthcare facilities, arranging his appointments with the doctors, and what not to make him well. 

Jaden Smith has become very sad in his life now because all people ask him about now is how healthy he is? Of course, a person does start to feel annoyed and sad when all people talk about is his illness. 

Right now he is trying to be healthy and his treatment with doctors is going on. Let’s hope he recovers soon so that our young rapper comes back!