As Evident, Raven Synmone’s Net Worth is high Enough to Show What a Superstar She is!

Raven Synmone is a Comedian, Producer, Actor, Dancer, singer and Fashion model. She is just 34 years old and her present net worth is $55 million. Raven started her career as a child actor on the show “The Cosy Show” as Olivia. Just at the age of two she was working as a model with Ford Models for brands such as Ritz Crackers, Jell-O and Cool Whip. She was born in Atlanta but soon her whole family moved to New York because of her early success.


Raven Synmone has worked really hard to reach at this stage of her life. As a normal story, her beginning was also nothing but harsh failure

She has also appeared in shows like “Queen” in which she plays a younger version of Halle Berry. Raven started singing at the age of seven. She was learning from Missy Elliot, her first album was released in 1993 named as “That’s What Little Girls are made of”. This album soon reached in the top 100 in Billboard. However this album was not sold greatly therefore she dropped from it in 1995. She got her big break in 1997 for the movie “Little Rascals” and another album which was “Undeniable” released in 1999. The second theatrical movie she did was “Dr Dolittle” in 1998 in which she played Eddie Murphy’s character. This movie was a huge success.


In 2003, she was in the lead role of  “That’s so Raven” which was produced from Disney. This is still one of the major success for Raven. Other projects she has appeared on are “Kim possible” and “The Cheetah Girls”. For the same movie she also sang a song which went on 33rd position in Billboard and almost 2 million copies were sold.

She also acted for the second installment of “The Cheetah Girls” which also became most watched Disney movie at that time. Later she also did a lot of work for various movies and released her albums. Recently in year 2020 she revealed that she earns a swell amount from “Cosby”.