Cyberpunk 2077: The Release of the Game has been Postponed Amid Pandemic, However, It is Coming on Your Systems Soon

Cyberpunk 2077 has been put on hold for a few months as the new release date of the game is September 17. This game is launching for Xbox One, PC and PS4 and can also come to PS5 and Xbox Series X. The game is produced by the same game developer who developed “the Witcher 3”. Therefore we already know the game will have good graphics and effects. Since the game is about year 2077 we will see how future will be like.

the thrill of the game lays in the fact that user will get to be a fugitive with an air of mystery around it in residing in a criminal and unknown part of the Night City. Project Red who is developing this game is focusing on the fantasy world of future, it is based off the pen and paper RPG and functions more like “The Matrix”.

The first peek for the game is already released at E3 2018. It is 48 minutes walk through  and is available online. What’s the bonus point for the game is the aesthetics of it. It will apparently be loaded with huge neon skyscrapers, bionic enhancement and a major vertical movement.

In E3 2019 we saw more about the plot of the game, like the game featured Keanu Reeves who is playing Johnny Sliverhand

He is stuck with a biochip in his brain. Unlocking all the secrets available in that biochip is the main motive of the game. The main character Silverhand will guide you to Alt Cunningham who happens out to be dead already. However, her consciousness lives on the web and therefore you can still track her. Throughout this journey you will need to eliminate leaders from the Night City.The trailer for the game has been released recently and is available on YouTube.

The trailer is almost 15 minutes long and you will learn more about the story and game play through it. You will also be able to update your character’s power and other abilities for example you will be able to unlock vehicles.