‘Armageddon Time’ Trailer Reveals James Gray’s New Autobiographical Drama Starring Anne Hathaway and Anthony Hopkins

The movie has earned rave reviews at film festivals

Armageddon Time is the latest project from esteemed director James Gray. After taking us on a trip across space with his previous film Ad Astra, the director has chosen an autobiographical period drama set in ’80s New York City. Let’s read in detail what the movie is about.

About ‘Armageddon Time’

Armageddon Time
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Armageddon Time is inspired by the director’s upbringing in Queens, and it follows the friendship between a student named Paul Graff (Banks Repeta) and his classmate (Jaylin Webb), which sparks racism and other related events at a time when the political conditions in the country were changing. Jeremy Strong and Anne Hathaway star as Irving and Esther Graff, Paul’s parents, and Anthony Hopkins stars as his grandfather. The three parental figures give Paul the push to fight against racism and have his friend’s back.

Armageddon Time will be a reflective and moving drama that displays an important part of the narrator’s life, and will also shed light on the political ramifications that took place in Ronald Reagan’s America. Armageddon Time joins the trend of movies where filmmakers show audiences their heritage and upbringing, in a society that is different from what we currently have. Examples include Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast and Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma, both of which won awards.

Success at Film Festivals

Armageddon Time

The movie has been earning rave reviews at film festivals, namely Cannes and Telluride. The makers are submitting the film at every possible film before its November release date, a very Oscar-friendly period. But the reviews have ensured that Gray’s film is on its way to becoming one of the best dramatic hits of the year.

Armageddon Time releases for a limited time on October 28 before hitting theatres around the world on November 11.