Ariana Grande is single; She’s not romantically involved with Mikey Foster!

Ariana Grande – Butera Is an American singer, songwriter, and actress who’s well known for her wide vocal range. Grande has received various accolades for her performance. All her five albums have been certified, Platinum by RIAA ( Recording Industry Association of America). She has been one of the highest-paid celebrities.

There was a rumor that Ariana Grande is dating Mikey Foster. The singer’s brother said that he, his boyfriend, Ariana, and Mikey went out for a double date. Ariana’s love life has gained attention, again. Earlier, she was in news because of her relationship with Pete Davidson. The singer has again hit the news headline because of her relation with Mikey.
When their collab Boyfriend song was released online, rumors went out that she is seeing Mikey. Ariana said that they are not in a relationship. Well, the fans were not ready to accept this statement. Ariana and Mikey were seen getting cozy on various occasions.
They went out on double date as well, with Frankie and his bae. All these pointed out that the duo might be in a relationship. Frankie also commented on Mikey’s nature. According to him, he is a loving, caring and kind-hearted guy. People thought that the two were pretty much seeing each other. The news spread like fire on various social media platforms.
But now, Frankie has changed his statement and made another announcement. He has cleared out that his sister is single. In an interview, Frankie confirmed again, about Ariana being single.