Ariana Grande gives a Befitting Reply to 6ix9ine’s Bribing Accusations on her and Justin Bieber for Fraudulently Getting #1 Spot for their Latest Release ‘Stuck With U’

Takeshi 69, who is one of the famous American rappers and is known for his song which was released recently – “Gooba ” which made the fans go crazy and love the rapper even more. He has given some hit songs back to back. 

This song, his single debut was so much loved that it had been trending for a few weeks and was even ranked at number one in the Billboard chart soon after the song was released. But it isn’t at number one anymore, who is it then? 

It is the new quarantine theme song by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber called “stuck with you”. After thing song was released, it became the top favorite of the audience and came to rank 1st dropping “Gooba” to third position. 

After this was seen by Takeshi 69, he couldn’t believe his song got replaced, and because of that, he started a controversy saying that billboard has been manipulated by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. He said the song wasn’t worth enough to reach the top position.  He has recently posted a video on Instagram, in which he does not care about the consequences but talks about the media being corrupt.  It was mentioned by him that he’ll bring the proof in which it is revealed that it wasn’t fair play, and that the company was manipulated.

As a response to this, Ariana and Justin also did not remain quiet and started slamming the rapper openly on the internet. Ariana had posted on her Instagram, in which she was smart enough to not mention his name, but indirectly taunted him to respect someone’s hard work.

 Also, Bieber posted on his Instagram, mentioning to his fans that this is false information and the song was entirely made to provide people peace.