Are Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin getting divorced??!! Why did Justin call the marriage loveless?? Read to find out.

It has been almost more than a decade since popular singer Justin Bieber and model Hailey Baldwin has been together. However, just like every relationship even their relationship went through a lot of ups and downs. And they married each other secretly in 2018 in New York City courthouse.

But what was the reason behind them keeping their relationship a secret for such a long time? What all confusions did the rumors bring with? Well, there are a lot of confusions among the people. However, all your questions will be answered here.

The couple met in 2009 at a fan event. At that time Hailey was just twelve years of age and she got a crush on him. But with Justin Bieber it was Selena already in his life. However, they had some disputes after which he moved over with Hailey. But whenever the reporters aksed the two about their relationship they used to say that they are just good friends.

Later in 2016 they confirmed their relationship after being caught together for a several times. They even had same tattoos on their body. But again after some time Justin started to date Selena Gomez and before that he also dated Sofia Richie. Meanwhile, Hailey was spotted with singer Shawn Mendes at the Met Gala 2018. And after sometimes Hailey took to her Instagram account to confirm that she is engaged to Justin Bieber.

And Justin also commented that how he desired to marry her and love her patiently and kindly. However, the ups and downs in their relationship made Hailey realise that marriage is not a fairy tale or a magical fantasy. And everything can never be perfect like people want it to be.