Another feud between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. This time it’s “Who wore it Best?”.

The fans of Ryan Reynolds cannot ignore Hugh Jackman. Neither can Jackman’s ignore Reynolds. It has many reasons. First of all, they are best friends. And they always have a feud. If there isn’t an issue, then, they create one.

Both have many similarities as well. Both have done the role of a Marvel Comics character. Hugh had Wolverine and Ryan has Deadpool. Both played their characters together in a movie. It was X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2008. Characters of both have healing powers.

In real life, they both own a company. Jackman owns The Laughing Man Coffee and Reynolds owns Aviation Gin. They both have got the tag of People’s Sexiest Man Alive.

Jackman’s company helps coffee planters and provide scholarships to children. He has two coffee shops in New York. While Reynolds says that he provides the best quality of American Gin to his consumers.

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Who wore it best?

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This time they have come up with a new idea. This challenge is named, “Who wore it Best?”. In a photo added on the Instagram handle of Hugh Jackman, both were seen wearing hats having the logo of their respective companies. The caption of the post says, “Who wore it Best?”.

The fans have been divided into groups. Some are supporting Hugh Jackman while some are with Ryan Reynolds. There is another category of fans who could not decide on which side they belong to.

Once again, the duo has brought smiles on the faces of their fans and many more. It looks like, they may also be smiling somewhere after doing this.