Titanic Joke on Leonardo DiCaprio in the Golden Globes 2020 by Brad Pitt

The Titanic Joke on Leonardo DiCaprio is still fresh among the people and Brad Pitt has proved it again by saying the same in Golden Globe 2020
Brad Pitt cracks a Titanic joke on Leonardo DiCaprio in the Golden Globes 2020

Golden Globes 2020 which took place and aired on 5th January 2020 had not only seen who was the best dressed in the event but also depicted some good and humourous moments that took place during the event. One of it which became the talk among the public and internet is Brad Pitt cracking a joke on Leonardo DiCaprio about a scene from the Titanic movie during his acceptance award and speech.

At the Golden Globes, Brad Pitt had won the best supporting actor for his role in ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’. During his acceptance speech, he dedicated and thanked his co-star for the award. He stated that he has to thank his partner in crime, LDC. Before the Revenant, Pitt used to watch, year after year people accepting awards and thanking Leonardo profusely. He knows why Leonardo is an all-star and a gent. He further added that in reference to his death in Titanic that, “I would have shared the raft.”
Reviews in social Media

Originally the Titanic joke appeared on goodmorninggamerica.com. In the ending of the Titanic movie after the Titanic sinks both Jack played by Lenorado DiCaprio and Rose played by Kate Winslet struggle to float on a door in the water in which Jack dies at last after letting Rose have it. It has since been pointed out that there was sufficient room for both of them in the door.
Naturally many fans had made fun of the joke on the social [email protected] posted on Twitter that,” Still, I would’ve shared the raft.-Legend Brad Pitt to Leo DiCaprio re : Titanic Controversy and thus proving why he’s a legend”. While @AgeofIrony tweeted that Brad calling Leo ‘LDC’ and getting off a Titanic joke=absolute legend. Another one @MeghanMichele20 wrote Stil making Titanic door jokes 23 years later, poor Leo.