Another Feat in the Medical World!!! New liver disease treatment for people with HIV found

We have covered another major step towards improving medical health and increased life expectancy.

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital discovered a novel treatment to cure a liver disorder found in HIV patients.

Patients of HIV sometimes suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. There was no possible remedy for this type of disorder before. The liver disorder causes malfunctioning of the body and may increase the chances of a heart attack.

Dr. Grinspoon and his fellow researcher’s team developed the first potential treatment for this fatal disease. A drug named ‘tesamorelin’ is responsible for activating the production of a natural growth hormone. The growth hormone is known to decrease visceral fat by 15 %. In addition to it, the drug minimizes the spreading of scar tissues.

Another Feat in the Medical World!!! New liver disease treatment for people with HIV found 3

Dr. Steven Grinspoon, who is the lead researcher, said that it is the first time, a successful therapeutic approach is proposed to reduce fat. The approach will prevent the growth of fibrosis in NAFLD.

Dr. Steven Grinspoon is renowned for metalogic and neuro-endocrinology study. He has done his research work in body metabolism and introduced nutritional regulation as a prime subject.

After a time gap of 1 year when the symptoms start showing up, the drug leads to the reduction of hepatic fats by 37%.

The medical tests were conducted on 3 patients. Among them, one patient shows a major downfall in liver fat below the critical level for NAFLD.

NAFLP is responsible for the decline of fat in areas like leg and shifts the fat deposition in areas like stomach. This causes deformity and may result in a disbalance of body metabolism. Scientists are now trying to discover whether the effect of the drug is similar for all the human body or not.

Therefore, therapeutic tests will follow on healthy humans as well who do not suffer from HIV.