Lucifer season 5 will be the Last Season of the Supernatural Series. Release date, cast and plot details. Know Everything Here.

Once an American television show and now one of the successful Netflix adaptation, Lucifer is back.

Let’s begin with a brief introduction to the show. Lucifer began as an American TV show which premiered on January 25th, 2016. Lucifer is a demonic character. One day, he decides to return from hell. Lucifer started residing in LA and owned a club. The protagonist gets in close acquaintance with a police officer. Then, he started helping the local chief in solving difficult criminal cases.

The show has completed four successful seasons. There are 67 episodes available in total. Composers of the show are Ben Decter, Jeff Russo, Marco Beltrami, and Dennis Smith. The series is based on horror and supernatural stuff. The show aired on Fox.

Who all are supposed to be seen in Season 5?

In Lucifer Season 5, the protagonist – Lucifer Morningstar’s role is to be portrayed by Tom Ellis. Lauren German will be seen playing the role of Detective Chloe Decker. Kevin Alejandro is going to act as Detective Daniel “Dan”. D. B. Woodside justifies his role as character Amenadiel and Lesley-Ann Brandt as character Mazikeen.

When is the new season getting released?

There is no official date for the release of Lucifer Season 5. However, this will be the last season of this wonderful series. This news has caused heartbreak to all the Lucifer fans. Lucifer has created a huge fan base since the start of the show.

Any long-running show requires more money to invest. As a result, the show does not serve the purpose of returning the investment. Another reason to end the show maybe people losing interest in the show. However, looking at the popularity of Lucifer, none of the reasons gel well.

The prime reason to end the show is the lack of storyline. Lucifer returning from the hell and becoming the king can no longer be squeezed to more seasons. Therefore, the show makers have decided to make Season 5 the final one.

There will be a total of 16 episodes in the final season. The first episode’s name is ‘really sad devil guy’. Lucifer is ranked among the top 10 shows watched in the UK.