Anna Camp isn’t saying ‘No’ to Pitch Perfect. What she has to Say then??

Aubrey Posen from Pitch Perfect aka Anna Camp, says ‘I’m Down’ when asked about Pitch Perfect 4. Pitch Perfect is an American music-comedy film that hit theatres in 2012 followed by its two consecutive parts in 2015 and 1017. The sleeper-hit ensemble movie starred Anna Camp in one of the pivotal roles for which she had garnered eminent praise, and she would love to reprise the character.

The actress who had come to promote her new show ‘Perfect Harmony’ with co-star Bradley Whitford at the NBC Universal Television on Thursday in Los Angeles, said that she loves those girls, referring to her co-stars from the movie, and she loves playing her character, so if she would be required then she will be there, for sure. While she waits for further updates on Pitch Perfect, Anna will be happily singing in her new show on NBC, Perfect Harmony. The show talks about an Ivy League professor who becomes the director of a rural church choir.

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Rebel Wilson aka ‘Fat Amy’ had previously hinted that another installment to the hit 2012 musical-comedy series might be on the cards Adam DeVine had also stated that he would sign up for the next installment if it would be funny enough. He adores the cast and would love to work with them again.

After all the responses from the cast, fans must have raised their hopes for another installment for 2012 movie, which circled the ‘The Barden Bellas,’ an all-girls group from Barden University, who compete with ‘The Treblemakers,’ another group from the same college, for a national win.

So the question is, will there be Pitch Perfect 4? Stay tuned for further updates.