Sean Astin goes trending on Twitter overnight! Why and How? Here is the answer to all your questions!

Sean Astin was awakened with a surprise today. He had been the top trending of the twitter. A death or a controversy generally are the two main reasons for a celebrity in the top trending. But thankfully it was none for Astin.

As it is neither the death nor the controversy, what made Sean Astin trending out of nowhere? It is the fan-love of Sean, which made him trending on Twitter overnight. It is funny but also adorable of his fans to do this.
The trend started when Sean’s fan took to Twitter to share a picture of Sean where he can be seen cuddling an otter. The fan addressed Sean as him from ‘Stranger Things.’ It was then when this became a trend, and his other fans started posting other iconic roles done by Sean in the past.

Sean Astin is a 48-year old American actor, director, and producer. He is best known for his role in ‘Lord of Rings’ as Samwise Gamgee. His latest show is ‘No Good Nick’ whose part 2 episodes had streamed this week on August 5. The first ten episodes of the show had been released by Netflix in April.
Sean had first acted in a television film titled, ‘Please Don’t Hit Me, Mom’ at the age of eight. As he turned 13, Sean got his first movie as Mikey in ‘The Goonies.’ Astin has also come in as Bob Newby in the second and third season of ‘Stranger Things.’