Kip Moore seeks love in his latest ‘She’s mine’. Are we Going to get another Couple??

Kip Moore’s single from the forthcoming album is out, and it’s all about looking for love.

The ‘Up All Night’ singer, Kim Moore’s latest song ‘She’s mine’ is all about finding her girl, love of his life. The latest song from his upcoming studio album was released on 9th August. He had announced the completion of his album, which is slated for an early 2020 release, back in May via tweet.


The singer further goes on about unlimited possibilities of finding his girl, his romantic partnership, in various places belonging to different backgrounds and indulging in various activities.

“Maybe she’s in Dallas / Cheering for the Cowboys / Maybe laying low down in Mexico / I know she loves the sunshine / Maybe she’s in Vegas / At a table dealing Blackjack.”

Enjoying his life journey, he expresses, Life / It’s a crazy ride, isn’t it? / I’m loving every minute” but admits the absence of the special one who could have made it better “But it’d be better with (?)”



Lastly, he requests again to convey to his girl, ‘she’s mine’ if anyone comes across her at night Yeah, tell her she’s mine / Tell her she’s mine / if you wouldn’t mind / If you see her out tonight / Tell her she’s mine.”

The song, co-written with Dan Couch and Scott Stepakoff, was written a decade ago. The country music singer says that the rough idea for the song came from Moore’s life on the road in his late 20s as a touring musician with his former guitarist, Dave Lapsley. Dave used to tease Moore about being single, and would joke that they are traveling the world and Moore might find his potential wife on the way, pointing at random girls, Kip laughed recalling the conversations which gave him inspiration for ‘She’s mine.’

Explaining more about the song, the singer who is also the producer, says that the song always felt like a hit record to him. It always puts him in a good mood. He informs that the song could have been the lead single for his second studio album, Wild Ones, but they missed the mark while creating it the first time. It didn’t encapsulate the energy that he wanted that and could convey the sentiment of the song, and that held him back from releasing the song as he wasn’t ready to put it out the way it was then.

She’s Mine | Kip Moore | Studio Single | Forthcoming Album

Talking about his new album Moore says that his new records will have a lot of meat, and ‘She’s mine’ is one of the most light-hearted tracks on the new record. He can write a lot of heavy stuff, and it is nice to have a light-hearted thing that just makes one feel good sometimes, he further added. He believes that people are going to witness another step of growth in his new album. According to him, there is a lot of weight on a lot of these songs; trying to figure out where one stands and fit in life when faith, God, and love are concerned.

If fans weren’t already very much excited, Kip has increased their excitement for this forthcoming album manifolds. While fans are eagerly waiting for his new album to hit the blog, here’s the new studio single from him.