Anime Character Overview: Hunter X Hunter’s Very Own Assassin ‘Killua Zoldyck’

Get to know about one of the lead characters of the popular manga and equally hit anime. 

Hunter X Hunter is probably one of the unique shows out there. It belongs to the “Shounen” genre, where the story centers around a young individual who ventures out to the world on adventures. At its base, Hunter X Hunter is just like that. But once you watch it, you will get to see that it has a huge difference compared to the usual Shounen animes.

The backstory 

The lead character is Gon Freecs, a young boy who wants to find his missing father, and is also trying to become a hunter. During his provisional hunter licensing exam, he comes across a boy of his age named Killua Zoldyck. At first notice, we get to see that the boy is a prodigy, he excels in every test that’s put out for him and fights with lightning-fast reflexes. Soon enough, we get to know that Killua belongs to a family of professional assassins and has been given training since childhood to be a cold and ruthless killer. However, he still finds something in Gon and decides that he wants to accompany the boy for the rest of his journey.

Image source: Every eye Anime

Together, Gon and Killua clear the hunter exam and become professional hunters. They continue to stick together and join various tournaments that test your strengths and earn you big bucks. Their friendship continues to develop through this, and soon, they become inseparable. They mutually benefited from the other; while Gon was reckless and energetic, Killua was level-headed and logical. Both of them shared a common goal: to travel the world and become stronger.

Over the next few months, they overcome many hurdles and grow to become very strong individuals, and that forms the rest of the story. But do not watch this anime just for the fights; it’s a beautiful story of friendship and life lessons.