Angelina Pivarnick had an unforgettable wedding night on Jersey Shore. Check out who was responsible and why JWoww, Snooki & Deena are still not over it.

Friends are meant to have fun with, they make fun of each other and let go of the differences that exist between them. fun moments are experienced by all with their loved ones, hanging out, going out for food, etc are some of the things that they tend to do together to express their bond of love with each other.

There has to be a line over which no one should go irrespective of the bond that they share. What happens when the line of limits gets crossed? There is agitation all around and the bond breaks. One fixes their limit according to the bond that they share with the other person who they are joking with. One such example that gained the limelight was at the wedding of Angelina Pivarnick.

What events led to the embarrassment at Angelina’s wedding?

Angelina had invited her fellow costars to her wedding and the things were working well until the dinner night. The time when her friends were invited to give the speech for her, the event that led to the headlines of many newspapers the next day followed. JWoww, Snooki, and Deena were invited to give the speech and that’s when the event started.

What happened led to such a sad moment that the three rewatch the wedding night’s video recording and skip that part of the event. They were made to give a speech in which they crossed the line that they were expected to maintain.. the three mentioned personal events about the bride that led to the moment of awkwardness to her.

The bride couldn’t take the speech of the bridesmaids and hence she left the venue as soon as she was done listening to the hurtful speech that was given by the three. Followed by her, her husband followed in her support.